Million Dollar Funeral

by K-Dean

In China, white is the color of mourning and is used predominantly at funerals.

After their mother’s passing, six wealthy Chinese businessmen wanted her to go out with style. On March 4, 2011 in Wenling, East China’s Zhejiang province the six brothers spent over $1 million on their 82-year-old mother’s high class funeral.

The funeral procession consisted of nine Lincoln stretch limousines as well as numerous luxury cars to transport family members to the service. A marching band of over 600 musicians performed for the tens of thousands of people who attended the funeral to pay their condolences. Many in attendance didn’t even know the departed. They were given money and cigarettes if they held candles lighting the way of the procession.

The funeral was held on the playground of a local high school where approximately 600 monks carried out the funeral rights. Some monks had to be brought in from neighbouring provinces because there weren’t enough in the province where the funeral was held.

Large white balloons with the word libation swayed in the sky, while 16 gold painted cannons fired a final salute as the coffin passed. Thousands of wreaths stood along the long black carpet that led to an enormous portrait of the deceased and large TV screens played a video the deceased’s life story.

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