Mummification Made Modern

by T-Knox

The oldest known naturally mummified human corpse is a decapitated head that dates back 6,000 years. The earliest known Egyptian mummy, nicknamed 'Ginger' for its hair color, dates back to approximately 3300 BC.

That there may be mummies in your very own backyard or local cemetery may not be a far stretch. A trademark of the ancient Egyptians has resurfaced into modern mummification.

The ancient technique of preparing the body for eternal rest has been summoned in Salt Lake City, Utah by Summum Mummification of Transference. The service rides on the aura that our lives are never quite over with death. Life is a never-ending story and the tradition of mummification is a curious matter. Summum gives people the chance to be part of this by offering the service of modern mummification.

This form of mummification involves modern chemistry among other sciences in the process tied in with ancient traditions such as fine cloth wrapping. The wrapping at Summum is embroidered to mirror your faith and life philosophy. Not only will you live on eternally through mummification, the process is claimed to be the one and only way of permanent preservation. The early Egyptians learnt that they were going to die and embraced that it was part of life. This prepared them for the inevitable, and the next life. All living things are said to have an essence and that essence lives on after death. Preservation of the body helps one through this transition in life.

The process of mummification is not easy by any means and very time consuming. Mummification can take upwards of a year to complete. It is timely, and it is also consumes wallets and life savings. Mummification alone starts at $67, 000 and the mummiform is an additional cost above that.

Nevertheless many people are flocking to Summum to be a mummy once they pass on. There are 1,400 fully paid clients and over 100,000 paying monthly instalments. Everyone from rockstars, celebrities to airline pilots are choosing mummification. Summum refers to itself as complimenting current traditions in the funeral industry.

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