No ‘Mope Fest’ For The Oz Man

by J-Stacknik

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne both believe in euthanasia and have drawn up plans to go to an assisted suicide apartment in Switzerland if they ever have an illness that affects their brains.

Ozzy Osbourne is a musician and actor whose career started more than 40 years ago when he was the lead singer for the English heavy metal band Black Sabbath. In 2002 his career veered from music to acting when Osbourne and his family starred in the reality show The Osbournes. Osbourne has stated many times that he is lucky to be alive after years of alcohol and drug abuse and casual sex. He wants his send off to be a celebration of life not a ‘mope-fest’. He states, in a health column he writes for the Sunday Times magazine, “I don’t care what they play at my funeral; they can put a medley of Justin Beiber, Susan Boyle and We Are The Diddymen if it makes ‘em happy – but I do want to make sure it’s a celebration, not a mope-fest.”

Also Ozzy and his wife and manager Sharon have agreed to a suicide pact. Sharon watched her father, Don Arden, suffer and then die from Alzheimer’s Disease and spoke about how hard that was to watch. She and Ozzy do not want their children to have to go through something like that if either of them contract the disease.

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