Presumed Organ Donation

by M-Rebeiro
a model of a heart in a gift box

Many people feel that this law will actually see the government using people.

Organ donation in the United States and most of the world operates on a specific policy that requires an opt-in from the donor at some point prior to death. This procedure, marked on a specific donor card or on the driver’s license, is required for your organs to be eligible for donations after death and without it the medical practitioners have no authority to remove organs. New York may be the first state to change this law so that people would have to opt-out of the donation.

The opt-out law, which is used in more than 20 European countries, was introduced in mid-2010 but still hadn’t been passed by August of 2011. The initial stages would include revoking next-of-kin rights to veto the donor card followed by the introduction of the opt-out-only laws.

The law has raised ethical concerns with lawmakers such as the questionable amount of the purported increase in donation and the inability for the family to have rights to veto the policy in certain cases. They are discussed in the New York Times link below in five short editorials.

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