Trying to Rekindle an Old Flame

by K-Dean

Dr. Karoac should have learned to control her emotions as it seems that they, instead, controlled her.

A California doctor’s decomposing body was found in the chimney of her boyfriend’s Bakersfield home. Dr Jacquelyn Kotarac was in an on-again, off-again relationship with William Moodie and apparently tried to break into his house by sliding down the chimney.

Her body was discovered three days after she first slid into the chimney. Police determined her cause of death as mechanical asphyxiation, meaning she couldn’t breathe while being lodged in the narrow space.

Kotarac, 49, first tried to get into the house using a shovel to break the backdoor, when this didn’t work she climbed onto the roof with a ladder, removed the chimney cover and slid down. While Kotarac was trying to force her way in, Moodie slipped out of the house through the back door, trying to avoid a confrontation.

Kotarac had been reported missing when she failed to show up for work, and her body was not discovered until a house-sitter noticed an awful stench and fluids coming from the fireplace. The house-sitter and her son looked in the chimney with a flashlight and found Kotarac dead, wedged about two feet above the top of the interior fireplace opening.

Firefighters spent five hours demolishing the chimney so they could pull Kotarac’s body out.

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