A Shotgun Funeral

by M-Rebeiro

Loading your ashes into shotgun shells or any other kind of casings will cost you upwards of $1000.

Mr. Booth was a vintage gun specialist for Sotheby’s in London. Although he passed away and was cremated in 2002, he was only given his unique sendoff and tribute two years later when his wife decided to mix his ashes with traditional shot and go hunting.

A total of 275 12-bore cartridges were produced from the mix by the Caledonian Cartridge Company in Brechin, an apparent first for the company. Joanna Booth, his widow, arranged the mixing as well as a blessing by a Reverend of the Church of Scotland. It was not his dying wish but he had read a story about it and found it amusing. Joanna organized a shoot for 20 close friends on a nearby estate

The special cartridges accounted for 70 partridges, 23 pheasants, seven ducks and a fox. Family friends who had never hunted before managed to get a few birds with the marked cartridges.

Since this occurred, several businesses have popped up to fill the niche that was before only an occasional tribute to hobbyists:

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