An Unfortunate Snort

by M-Rebeiro

The street value of a pound of cocaine is valued at about $150,000. The ashes in the urn weighed about 8 pounds which would have made them worth $1.2 million.

In late 2010 a group of burglars stole several valuable items from a woman’s home in Florida including electronic equipment, jewellery and an urn with a fine white powder which they mistook for cocaine or heroin because everyone keeps their hard drugs in an urn. When they tried to snort the powder, they got the surprise of their lives as they discovered that the white powder was actually cremated ashes. The burglars found out later that the ashes were actually the cremains of the woman’s father and two dogs.

Investigators discovered what happened to the ashes after five teens were arrested in connection to another burglary attempt in early 2011. They realized their error after trying to inhale the ashes and apparently discussed returning them to the home from which they were stolen before eventually abandoning them in a lake for fear that their fingerprints on the urn would be traceable. Police divers attempted to recover the ashes shortly after but their attempts were fruitless. The teenage group of burglars were jailed on numerous charges, primarily multiple burglaries.

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