Celeb Ghost Encounters

by K-Dean

John Lennon had been dead for fifteen years when the remaining Beatles felt his presence as they were recording one of Lennon's songs.

Actors and actresses may often portray ghosts on film or fight off spirits in horror movies, however rarely do we hear about their real life paranormal encounters. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have admitted their eerie face to face encounters with the dead.

One of the original Ghostbusters himself, Dan Aykroyd could use some back up from the rest of his supernatural fighting friends. Aykroyd lives in former Mama’s and the Papa’s singer, Cass Elliott’s home. He is certain her spirit haunts his home, she may have even crawled into bed with the star. Aykroyd claims the ghost has turned on the Stairmaster and moved jewellery across the dresser. He is sure the ghost is Mama Cass because he has a feeling it’s a big ghost.

Matthew McConaughey was caught off guard in the nude when a ghost stopped by for a visit from the afterlife. He had just moved into his new home at the time of the incident and hadn’t yet moved any furniture into the house. McConaughey and his dog were camping out in a tent he had set up on the upper level of the house. While bundled in his sleeping bag, McConaughey suddenly heard some strange noises coming from inside his home. First was the sound of wood moving, then coyotes and to top it off a dime dropping from 10 feet off the ground onto a glass table. McConaughey, thinking an intruder had broken into his house, burst out of the tent buck naked, baseball bat in hand and dog at his side. He investigated the house only to find a blue mist floating in the air. Since that night he has seen Madame Blue, as he now calls her, on several different occasions. He no longer has any concerns about the spirit and thinks she’s a cool ghost.

While Lady Gaga has been busy touring the world, she managed to attract an unwanted groupie. Gaga believes an annoying ghost named Ryan has been following her everywhere while on tour. Gaga, a very spiritual individual, was terrified when she first felt Ryan’s presence, but now claims the ghost is just annoying. Gaga hired a spirit medium and held a seance in Ireland, while on her Monster Ball tour in hopes of contacting the ghost and telling him to pick a trail. She has reportedly spent close to $47,000 on electro magnetic field meters to detect the spirit.

Keanu Reeves was just a kid in New Jersey when he was traumatized by a ghost sighting. Reeves recalls seeing a white double-breasted suit with no body or legs come into the room and disappear. He and his nanny looked over at one another in disbelief after the ghost disappeared. Reeves still to this day sees the figure in his nightmares.

Joan Rivers was having a bad year, she was fired from her job and her husband committed suicide. She decided to start fresh by leaving Los Angeles and heading to New York. Rivers recalls waking up on a hot August night and walking into her freezing cold apartment. She saw bizarre writing and pornographic pictures on the walls. She spoke with her landlord about the incident and he informed her the woman who used to own the building often came back to haunt the residents. Rivers said her dog would refuse to enter the apartment, so she called a voodoo priestess who came in and exorcised the spirit from the apartment.

The Beatles had a much more pleasant supernatural encounter than the rest of the celebrities. Paul McCartney believes he was reunited with John Lennon in 1995, while he, George Harrison and Ringo Starr recorded one of Lennon’s famous songs. There were reportedly strange noises going on in the studio and equipment acting up while the legendary musicians tried to record Free As A Bird. All three band members agreed that there was an overwhelming feeling that Lennon’s spirit was present.

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