Cemetery Welcomes Picnics, Cyclists, Even Concerts

by J-Touchette

The 275 acre historic Forest Hills Cemetery was designed and opened in 1848.

Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston, Massachusetts has been in place in the city since even before the city built its first park. And the cemetery has taken a very different approach the atmosphere a place remember the dead.

The 250 acre cemetery has some permanent art displays and features different artists, with many applicants trying to get in. It also hosts different artistic events, like poetry readings, exhibitions and even some concerts.

Another feature that makes the cemetery unique are the walking tours, which tell stories of the cemetery’s history and the prominent people that rest in peace there. There is also an effort being made to identify the graves of those unknown, specifically African Americans, whose stories have yet to be told.

While some cemeteries may seem abandoned unless someone is being buried, it’s not uncommon to see people picnicking or bicycling through the grounds at Forest Hills. However, the cemetery employees try to make sure that people maintain a respectful noise level, to keep the atmosphere tranquil in support of people who are visiting the last resting place of their friends and family members.

The cemetery is open from 7:30 am until dusk.

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