Face the Afterlife in Style

by K-Dean

Makeup artists will consult with you while you are still living to discuss the look you want to present at your last public viewing.

A London-based makeup line called IIIamaqua has paired with funeral home Leverton & Sons Ltd. to offer make up services for the deceased.

The company was launched in 2008 by marketer, Julian Kynaston. He partnered with the 200-year-old family firm, Leverton & Sons to help people make a unique statement after death.

As the funeral industry is changing, this funeral package is the latest addition to elaborate and more personalized funeral options. The brand combines 1920s gothic look with fierce dramatics and modern day theatrics. Picture an ivory complexion, vibrant aqua arched eyebrows, long purple spider lashes and ruby red lips. This is an example of a creation you may see from the make-up artists at Illamaqua. The makeup artists underwent training at a Leverton’s funeral home to learn the techniques of applying make-up to the dead, before the Final Act of Self Expression package was launched.

The Final Act of Expression is targets people who think of make-up as an important part of their identity. They now have the ability to express themselves and look glamourous while entering into the afterlife.

Joe Corre, son of British fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood, also joined the Illamaqua team. Corre said the inspiration behind the extreme make-up came from some friends who asked Corre to promise that when they died and were lying in their coffins they would be dressed and styled in the full Cleopatra look.

Those interested in the $700 and up package will have a consultation with Illamasqua’s make up artists and work on achieving the perfect look for their final appearance in public. The designs are then kept at the funeral home and included in their will.

Illmasqua is currently only offered in London.

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