Former Space Workers Map Faces not Planets

by J-Touchette

British statesman Harold Wilson once said, "The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery." NASA scientists have proved him wrong!

A new technology is coming to funeral homes as an option for consumers, and it’s made by NASA.

Actually it’s made by former aerospace workers who have started a Florida company called LookLikes, but the team is mainly comprised of former NASA workers.

They put their talents for mapping locations in space to mapping human faces for headstones. LookLikes will be unveiling its three-dimensional headstone images at October’s National Funeral Directors Association after which the technology will be available for leasing at funeral homes.

But the science officer for the company, Michael Schulman recently had some transport problems when bringing a sample ‘head’ to Arlington National Cemetery to see if it would be approved for use there.

On his return trip, airport security noticed what seemed to be a head as it passed through the scanner, with three officials inspecting the scan before confronting Schulman.

They seated Schulman at a table while searching through his belongings, and asked if he brought the head on previous flights. After a discussion, the officials decided the head was not a prohibited item, and Schulman went on his way.

Schulman even offered to take a picture of them with it.

Lucky for LookLikes, it seems there won’t be any problems shipping the product.

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