Jingle All The Way

by K-Dean

An unusual character for a funeral.

A man who celebrated Christmas everyday for the last 14 years is now planning his Christmas funeral.

Andy Park, a 44-year-old electrician from Melksham, Wiltshire, is known around town as Mr. Christmas. Every morning since July 14, 1994, Park wakes up and eats seven or eight mince pies, followed by a glass of sherry for breakfast. He then proceeds to open the presents he bought and wrapped for himself. When he returns home from work he eats a full roast turkey and all the trimmings while watching the same worn out video of the Queen’s Speech. His home is decorated in true Christmas Spirit with Christmas trees, ornaments and colorful Christmas lights.

Park has calculated that he has consumed over 5,110 turkeys, over 90,000 mince pies and sent himself over 200,000 Christmas cards.

It’s no surprise that Park’s love for Christmas wouldn’t find its way into his funeral. He plans on having the ultimate Christmas theme, with all the traditional decorations and a performance of the song Merry Xmas Everybody. Attendees must dress like Santa Claus while the pallbearers will be dressed as Santa’s elves.

The coffin will come equipped with reindeer to pull the makeshift holiday sleigh and a holiday message from Queen Elizabeth II will be played during the ceremony.

Ozella McHargue’s funeral followed in a very similar theme.

In St. John, Indiana, lived 67-year-old Ozella McHargue, a holly jolly Christmas loving lady. After being diagnosed with cancer, she decided she didn’t want depressing organ music at her funeral, she wanted Silver Bells or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Her family and friends arranged for the funeral home to be decorated with wreaths, poinsettias, mistletoe and a Christmas tree. McHargue was laid to rest in a custom made red and green casket.

Her family and friends remembered her as being the happiest around Christmas time. She loved Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman and her personal favourite the Grinch.

McHargue’s daughters planned on handing out Christmas tree ornaments to close friends and family after the funeral as a special keepsake.

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