Say “I Do” to Funeral Homes

by K-Dean

Funeral homes can even provide limousines for your wedding.

This may not be the traditional venue you imagined as a child for your dream wedding, but these days funeral homes are acting as event venues as well. The idea that the room down the hall might showcase caskets and urns, or that the building might be surrounded in gravestones isn’t for everyone, but it does have its benefits.

Many funeral chapels are now being rented out to host more affordable weddings compared to the cost of a traditional wedding chapel and reception hall. Most small funeral homes only conduct 3-5 funerals a week, leaving plenty of room to book events such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries or proms. Funeral homes are more accommodating when it comes to choosing dates for a wedding, whereas popular wedding venues may be booked years in advance.

Funeral homes are now expanding and adding banquet rooms or community centres to increase their appeal in the hospitality business. They generally are already equipped with marble floors, polished wood and impressive flower arrangements, adding to the desirability as a wedding venue and saving clients thousands on dÈcor in the process.

After opening their Community Life Centre at Washington Park East Cemetery in 2001, the Flanner and Buchanan Funeral Home has found success. They now hold a dozen events each month and have almost every Friday, Saturday and Sunday booked this year, including 99 weddings stretching into 2012.

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