Temple of Heaven

by J-Touchette

The temple complex was constructed from 1406 to 1420 and is located in the southeastern part of central Beijing.

The Temple of Heaven was built in China during the Ming Dynasty. It was designed to represent the relationship between heaven and earth, with a rounded design on higher ground for heaven, and a square design on the bottom for earth. It is over 29 million square feet in size.

The temple is enclosed with a long wall and is divided into an inner area and an outer area by two enclosed walls. The main buildings lie in the inner portion at the northern and southern ends. Almost all the buildings are connected by the Vermillion Steps Bridge.

The temple boasts very impressive structural effects, like the echo wall. If one person stands in the east end of the room and one in the west and one of them whispers, the other will hear him. In a room with a diameter of over 200 feet, that is an impressive feat.

The temple was a place where sacrifices were made to heaven, although, the sacrifices made were likely human. The government outlawed the practice in 1911.

The temple is now a common tourist attraction for the country.

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