The Feminization of the Funeral Industry

by M-Gillies

Interested members can set up a chapter of Funeral Divas in their state or province.

In an industry with a heavy history of being male-dominated, especially since preparing and burying our dead moved from being an informal family activity to a formal business, the presence of women in the funeral industry has seen a steady increase.

One website aims to recognize women proudly employed in the funeral trade, from embalmers, funeral directors, employees, grief counsellors, casket sales and mortuary science students, and is positively encouraging and supporting their efforts.

Funeral Divas, Inc. is the creation of Muneerah Warner, CEO of Eternal Enterprises, Inc. and owner of the Warner Funeral Home in Philadelphia, PA. Having formed the website in October 2010, Warner has created a social group for Funeral Industry Women.

The site recognizes women in the funeral service by offering pink coffin mugs, hoods and umbrellas, as well as enrolments in a funeral director mentorship program, product discounts, education programs, E-Newsletters, scholarship funds and professional listings, and has already attracted over 300 members from the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, South Africa, England and Bermuda.

Memberships are free, however, there are stipulations that have to be met in order to qualify which include being a woman who works in one area of the funeral/death care industry, whether it be casket sales, administrative positions, memorial company employees, or female embalmers or funeral directors.

This also means that if you are a man, unfortunately you cannot join.

Sporting a black and pink theme for the Funeral Diva brand; black because it is the color worn to almost every funeral and pink for its association as being a feminine color – a Funeral Diva, as the website states, is a highly distinguished female who contributes to the creation of a funeral ceremony.

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