Urns Are Getting Personal

by M-Rebeiro

It may be a little disconcerting for some to have your deceased loved one's head resting on the mantelpiece.

Personal urns to store ashes have been around since at least the 1600s as a compact dedication to a deceased loved one. One company has found a way to make these memorials a little more personal than a fancy urn but the resulting product can be a little unsettling.

Give them a few pictures of a loved one from various angles to create a 3D effect from composite images, or choose a celebrity, and Cremation Solutions will create a head-shaped urn with realistic-looking facial hair and eyes. For longer hair, a wig can be added to your specifications. The cremation urn rests on a solid black marble base with a solid brass nameplate. The ashes are loaded from the bottom. The life-sized model will fetch a steep fee of about $2600 while the smaller, keepsake model is worth about $600.

The urns are made using digital software to recreate a likeness of the deceased person. They’re manufactured within 2 weeks and shipped.

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