When Should You Write Your Will?

by L-Johnson

Almost 55% of adult Americans die without having written a will.

Thinking about your death is never pleasant, but preparing your family for your inevitable death is a wise and responsible act. The main reason for writing a will and testament is to create a legal document that helps to avoid disagreements and arguments between family members after you have passed away.

How old should you be when you write your will? A report from the UK states that the average person is 59 years old when they write their first will. Every year, however, 40,000 adults die before reaching the age of 59.

The truth is that you’re never too young to write your will. If you’re living with someone and not married and you don’t have a will, your assets will not pass to your partner if the unfortunate should happen. You do have to be legal age of majority in order for the will to be legally valid. This age is 18 in most countries, including the USA, Canada, and France, and is as low as 15 in some countries.

It is best to write your will and testament at a young age, while you are of sound and fit mind. Obviously, life changes, and the loved ones in your life can change, so be sure to keep your wishes updated. Our free sendoff planning application allows you to lay out your wishes and update at any time. However, it focuses on what you want for your life celebration, so it doesn’t replace a will and won’t be legally binding unless stated when you write your will – if you haven’t already done so!

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