Woman Eagerly Awaits Plastination

by P-Francone

Dissection and Plastination of an entire body requires about 1,500 working hours and normally takes about one year to complete.

At least one Toronto, Canada woman cannot wait for her skin to be stripped off, her body sliced open and her innards exposed for all to see. Don’t worry, this isn’t a plot for the latest horror flick, the 34-year-old has pledged to donate her remains to Body Worlds, a traveling exhibition of preserved human bodies and body parts. She is one of 70 Canadians who have pledged to donate their bodies, and the sole donor from Toronto.

The plastination technique, invented by German Gunther von Hagens, preserves a body by replacing water and fat with plastic polymers. Specimens are put in lifelike poses, such as running, riding horses or playing golf for artistic and scientific purposes. The remains will not give off any odor and will not decay.

The donor, Stef Chapu, says the reason she wants to be plastinated is that she “just fell in love with it”. The one exhibit that really turned her onto the technique was of a man who was holding his skin like a coat.

“It was the most disturbing and yet the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen” she said about the plastinated man.

Stef came to terms with death as a child in the hospital, where she spent four years fighting illness and being told she could die at any time.

She believes that being buried or cremated “Is a waste. I don’t want my death to be a waste, bodywise, when I’m not going to use it any more.”

Stef says that her family and close friends support her choice, although she has encountered hostility from some critics, including a stranger who told her that she’s going to Hell because of her choice.

“I’m donating organs to save someone’s life and donating my body to be used for science and education. How is that wrong?” she asks.

More than 10,000 people around the world have signed up with the Institute for Plastination in Germany, about 9,000 of them from Germany. Stef Chapu has chosen to join them because she likes the idea that of what she can do with her body after death.

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