Bridge to Paradise

by MSO

The Bridge to Paradise serves as a creative representation of Mexican history and culture.

The Mexican city of Xcaret has something very unique about it. Its cemetery, called the Bridge to Paradise, is world famous. Full of symbolism, this place has seven levels, one for each day of the week, 365 tombs surrounding the cemetery itself representing the days of the year, and 52 steps in its entrance representing the weeks of the year. Inside the cemetery are found some very unique tombstones, each one different, and many of them miniature replicas of monasteries and churches from around the world.

Different artists created each grave site or tomb to represent a place or theme that reflects something uniquely Mexican. Each grave is distinct from the others in design, style, and building materials. One might look like a bed with headboard and bedding, made of smooth, colorful cement, while the next is a tiny replica of a magnificent cathedral, complete with stained glass windows.

Seeing it once isn’t enough either, the place takes on a different light at night, with brilliant colors lighting it up.

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