Bizarre Sendoff Request of Hollywood’s Most Bankable Actor

by M-Gillies

Actor Johnny Depp wants his ashes poured into a cask of whiskey after which people can have a drink on and of him.

With a reputation as an eccentric martyr of conventional Hollywood celebrity, Johnny Depp has long built a career surrounding his portrayal as an array of idiosyncratic characters. Whether it be the titular role of a mechanical human-like young man with scissors in lieu of hands; the portrayal of anomalous b-rated cult director Edward D. Wood Jr.; the Keith Richards inspired Captain Jack Sparrow; or the incarnations of Hunter S. Thompson, Depp has certainly carved a niche for himself as an unconventional presence in mainstream pop culture.

In fact, his capricious and whimsical personality has gone so far as to influence his final sendoff wishes, which found a nod of inspiration from his late friend, Gonzo journalist and author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Rum Diary, Hunter S. Thompson.

“Hunter had dreamed of a special way to go. He wanted to be fired from a cannon. Brilliant! So I built a huge cannon after his death in 2005 and fired his ashes into the sky,” Depp said.

However, for the 48-year-old actor, his sendoff vision differs on a more personal level. In a recent interview Depp said he would like his cremains to be mixed with a cask of whiskey which mourners would then be able to drink from.

“I could go in a whiskey cask and everyone can take a sip,” Depp said.

Though Depp’s request may come off as strange for some, his sendoff wishes reflect a close cultural tie to practices performed in the past to venerate the dead. In particular, when ruler of Caria, Mausolus (whose name inspired the term mausoleum) died in 353 BC, his wife Artemisia II is said to have mixed his ashes in her daily drink as a means of seeking solace during the two years she survived him.

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