Funeral Song Choices are Changing

by J-Touchette

Many of the sites have links to iTunes where songs can be downloaded for funeral celebrations.

According to a site that’s purpose is letting its users download songs for funerals, the public’s song interests aren’t what some might expect. has announced, after compiling the data of downloaded songs from their site, people are more likely to download upbeat, happy songs for funerals rather than traditional somber songs.

The editor of believes the unexpected data is because people are celebrating the lives of the deceased, and not just mourning their loss. Although the information was qualified by the fact that uplifting songs are generally being downloaded for funerals of those who are older, such as seniors, the more traditional funeral songs are still being chosen by people when a young person passes away.

A survey of some users has determined that the song choices are being made to reflect what mattered to the deceased, or how they lived their life. After asking a random group of people why they were downloading such songs, here a few of the responses the site got:

* From a 45 year old daughter who lost her father, “Heartbreak Hotel was our favorite (Elvis) Presley song, it reminds me of our good times”;
* From an 89 year old widow who lost her husband, “(Sinatra’s) My Way fit the lifestyle that my husband led throughout his life, I was not always thrilled, but it was fitting”;
* From a son who lost his father,”We had to play (Eric Idle’s) Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life . I had never seen Dad laugh so hard watching a movie (Life of Brian).”

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