Celebrating the Life You Lived

by A-Badgero

Lorna Grant wanted everyone to wear Wellingtons to her funeral in honor of the music festival in England she loved to attend.

Lorna Grant made it very clear that she did not want a “boring”, somber funeral, it had to be upbeat and her favorite music was to be played.

The 39 year old nurse from Cheltenham General Hospital, lost her battle with bladder cancer on October 30, 2011. Knowing that she was terminally ill, Lorna spoke openly about her wishes with her sister, Linsey asking for some very special requests.

In place of the traditional hearse as her transport vehicle Ms Grant was transported by a Volkswagen camper van adorned with pink ribbons. Her pink casket was made with renewable resources and adorned with sunflowers. Lorna requested that the congregation sing Why Does it Always Rain on Me by the Scottish band Travis. At the closing moments of the service when people were filing out of the church the song Rule the World by Lorna’s favorite band, Take That, was played before dozens of pink balloons were released into the sky.

Lorna attended the Glastonbury Festival in England every year and wanted her funeral to be themed after the music festival she loved so much. The Glastonbury Festival is also known for its large pits of mud which is why the guests usually all wear Wellingtons or rubber boots to the outdoor music festival. Lorna wanted her pallbearers to wear suits but everyone else could wear whatever they wished however, everyone was to sport Wellington boots. “She would have been so delighted that so many turned out wearing Wellies,” said Linsey. Attendees who knew her best said, “it was a fitting farewell for Lorna, she had such a fun loving and independent spirit.

Lorna’s funeral service is a great reminder to us how personalization can enhance traditional funeral rituals. Her unique service brings to light how the inclusion of family members and friends in your sendoff plans can make it special and memorable. A personalized celebration of a life provides some healing relief from grief for family members and friends and gives them a way to express their love and respect.

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