Celebrating Life

by A-Badgero

Funeral Celebrants can help you plan a life celebration

Everyone’s perception of death is different so it only makes sense that what each person would want for their funeral would be different. More and more people want a life celebration configured specially for them. When you don’t want your funeral to be a sad occasion but rather one that will touch all who loved you in a positive and inspirational manner, consider a funeral celebrant.

Funeral Celebrants are essentially funeral directors who have received special training on how to plan personalized memorials specific to the individual’s needs and wants. They are trained to be sensitive facilitators, interviewers, professional public speakers, ceremonial leaders and loss and grief educators and counsellors.

Whether you would like a traditional religious based funeral with your favorite hymns playing or an original life celebration with Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust in the background, a funeral celebrant will make it happen.

A funeral celebrant may have suggestions for ways that you can share memories and express your love for the one you lost. For example some may supply 3×5 cards and pens that say things like ” I’ll always remember when we…” or “I wish I had the chance to tell you…” that give family members and friends a chance to share their memories of the deceased.

Funeral celebrants can help you plan a well planned tribute to your loved one.

Nothing will completely diminish the grief you feel from losing a loved one, however, a well planned tribute to the person’s life can ease the pain. The best type of services offer comfort and acknowledge that a special person has been lost. The purpose of a service is to take the time to share and express the love felt for that person and to really celebrate who they were.

To find a certified Celebrant in your area or find out information on how to become a celebrant you can visit www.celebrantinstitute.org or ask your local funeral home if they offer a funeral celebrant service.

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