Man Loses Job Over Obituary

by Z-Berens-Firth

Bennett tried to get time off work by sending the obituary of his very alive mother to his local paper.

Everyone has done it, made up an excuse to skip out on a day of work. While some people will keep it simple and avoid extreme excuses, others will pull out all the stops when it comes to fooling their boss with a game of hooky.

As was the case with Scott Bennett, a 45 year old man from Pennsylvania who needed a bit of time off from work but also needed to keep his pay cheque. In order to collect his bereavement pay, he decided to fake his mother’s death. He sent a fake obituary to the local newspaper, the Jefferson Democrat. A couple of days after the paper left the press, the Democrat began taking calls regarding the obituary, saying that Bennett’s mother was not dead, but very much alive.

Bennett’s mother was so alive, in fact, that she walked into the Democrat’s office and proved to them that they had written a false obituary. This brought the local police onto the scene, and they laid a disorderly conduct charge on Bennett. As a final nail in the coffin of Bennett’s failed plan, he was fired from his job.

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