Pre-planning a Funeral Sendoff

by MSO

Pre-planning your funeral saves your family from any additional burden at a time of emotional stress.

It’s been said time and time again that pre-planning one’s own funeral is a great way of taking the pressure off of loved ones when the time comes for them to deal with a loss. In different cultures, death is celebrated, mourned and grieved in different ways and with each individual, they have their own ways of coping with a loss. The difficult part in a time of loss comes from the stresses of arranging, planning and organizing a funeral, which is why many people turn to funeral directors.

However, there are many ways of easing the emotional burden by planning ahead and one of those ways of planning ahead can be simply by considering a pre-need funeral.

Planning for a funeral before one is needed (pre-need) seems like a sensible idea, however, like most decisions in life and death, there are always pros and cons to be considered.

When considering pre-paying a funeral, one can choose from a variety of methods including:

* Pre-Need Trust Agreements;

* Savings and Life Insurance;

* Funeral Insurance;

* Funeral Pre-Paying; or

* POD Accounts

The best thing to consider when funeral planning is basic cost management and understand that you can shop around for caskets and monuments to find the best price that suits you. A golden benefit behind pre-planning a funeral, allows you time to think rationally about funeral purchases and understand that perhaps a burial crypt or a vault is not necessary at all.

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