So You Want to be a Grief Therapist?

by L-Johnson

Grief therapists help people cope when a loved one passes away.

The job of a grief therapist is to work with an individual or a group to help people deal with emotional issues arising from the separation from a loved one. If you are interested in becoming a grief counsellor, there are many skills you will need. You must be a good listener, and have lots of patience and understanding.

A college degree is required. This degree can be in social work, psychology, counselling or social services. After obtaining your Bachelor’s degree, you can further your education by getting a Master’s degree in psychology or social work to gain more expertise in the field. This education will help you deal with people of different personalities going through a variety of emotions such as pain, fear, guilt, or anger.

Next, you will need to find an internship and complete two years of supervised work in a counselling setting. This experience will prepare you in a way that a classroom setting can’t provide. This internship could be in a hospital, church, or funeral home. If you can’t find an internship, volunteering would be a good idea to help you gain this experience and work first-hand with funeral directors and other professionals.

The final step before becoming a professional grief therapist is to apply for certification. Being licensed isn’t mandatory, but it can help to open up more jobs for you and give you extra trust and credibility.

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