Speeding Out In Style

by Z-Berens-Firth

Jerome Miller's final run.

When someone has requested something special for their final wishes, the family will usually deliver and fulfill the departed’s desires. The family of Jerome Miller is no different.

Jerome Miller always wanted to go out in style. The life-long drag racer’s final wish was that he could go down the drag strip one last time√ñ in the back of the hearse. When he died following complications from a brain aneurysm, his family made sure that the Cadillac Hearse made a quick pit stop on the way to Miller’s final resting place.

While his modified drag racer would typically run sub-12 second quarter mile times, passing speeds of 100 miles per hour, the Hearse’s time was clocked at 47.22 seconds at the deadly speed of 27.34 miles per hour.

With the track’s grandstands occupied by cheerful friends and family, the memorable sendoff ensured that Jerome Miller made his exit the way he wanted it, by leaving everybody in the dust.

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