I Want to Be Cremated, Can I Still Have a Funeral?

by MSO
black ceramic urn with red roses

When choosing an urn or container to hold the ashes remember that one pound of body weight will yield just less than one cubic inch of ash.

Yes, a funeral and burial/ cremation are both entirely different things. A funeral with a viewing often proceeds the actual cremation or burial, so absolutely it is possible to have both.

Some people do choose however to be cremated before the funeral, in which case an urn is used in place of a casket during the funeral, whether religious or not. An urn can also be used during the visitation in place of a casket. Many people choose to rent a casket for the visitation and funeral if they want to be cremated rather than buried.

Your local funeral home will take the time to help you decide how you would like to celebrate the life of your loved one.

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