Leaving a Digital Legacy

by K-Berens

Leaving your internet passwords in your will can help your family unlock your accounts that contain your personal items such as photos, videos and more.

A survey conducted by a group at the University of London shows that growing number of people – one in ten surveyed, to be exact – are now leaving their passwords in their wills to pass on this important information when they die.

Of those surveyed, a third agreed that their password protected data is important enough to be “willed” to someone. With more people sharing content than ever before, it is more than likely that a person’s computer will contain music, movies, games, photos and books that can only be accessed with a password.

When a person dies sometimes families are left with a computer and accounts that are password protected that they have no idea how to access those accounts.

Leaving the passwords in a will brings up the question of how they are stored in order to ensure complete privacy until a person has passed on. According to Rackspace, a cloud computing company, passwords entrusted to a solicitor are kept separately, until a will is sorted out and passwords are given out to beneficiaries accordingly.

The survey also showed that Facebook passwords are the most common ones that people include in their will – Facebook currently has a policy where they cannot give out a password to anyone but the login owner.

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