Reality Show to Focus on the Lives of Funeral Divas

by M-Gillies

Funeral Divas is looking for support to help produce Love and Death, the first reality show that will feature the funeral industry's women.

For those who follow her on Twitter, she is known as the “Beyonce of the Funeral Industry”, for others, they know her as the CEO of Eternal Enterprises, Inc., however, Muneerah Warner has another claim to fame as the “Funeral Queen”, she’s colloquially known as the founder of “a social and support group for funeral industry women” elegantly named Funeral Divas, Inc..

With over 500 members worldwide, Warner has turned her attention to bringing the lives of funeral directors to the mainstream media with a proposed reality television show that will shed light into an industry many people find cringeworthy, and further show that the women working in these professions are just as normal as anyone else.

Titled Love or Death, the show will feature several funeral industry women and chronicle their lives as they search for love all the while maintaining their dedication to an industry society has branded as morbidly creepy. While the show will follow the romantic endeavours these Funeral Divas endure, the focus will also be geared toward chronicling their professional and spiritual journey in a profession once dominated by men.

While the subject matter may seem deviously peculiar, let’s take a look back at the previous years The Bachelor: Season 15 when one of the contestants, Shawntel Newton, a 25 year-old funeral director took bachelor Brad on a date to her family funeral home. Though Newton was quoted as saying “Death has been a big part of my life since I was a little girl, which I think is healthy,” it quickly became clear that Brad didn’t share the same feelings as her.

To illustrate the struggles faced by women in the funeral industry, Love or Death has the potential to remove the negative connotation the funeral industry has been labelled with and to further shake the Hollywood-created cliche of the tall, grim, emaciated looking funeral director from the minds of the impressionable.

With a cast that includes mortuary students, funeral interns, embalmers, funeral directors and funeral home owners, Warner is interested in showing that these funeral directors are “fun, sexy, beautiful and (are going to) put the fun back into funerals” because “the dating process can be nerve racking, but dating a Funeral Diva can be full of surprises when death comes knocking at her door.”

At this time, Funeral Divas are looking to raise $40,000 by March 4, 2011, as part of a donation process to fund the project. Pledges can range from as low as $5 to as high as $5,000. As further incentive, donations are acknowledged with a promotional offer such as a Love or Death t-shirts for $35 pledges or having a business visited by “Funeral Divas” during the broadcast of their show with a pledge of $3,000.

To make a pledge, supporters can visit Love or Death by Muneerah Warner | Kickstarter

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