Cemetery Plans Not Quite a Hole-in-One

by M-Gillies

"Play Golf" is the name of one of the chapters in Donald Trump's book "How to Get Rich" and once you get rich you can spend eternity in a golf course that Trump is planning to build next to one of his golf courses.

What more can one man who has it all want now? He’s conquered the real estate industry, dominated television and has now set his laser sites to an industry that most would think to be recession proof, especially considering that everyone dies. Perhaps this is why Donald Trump has announced his consideration in building a 1.5-acre cemetery next to his high-end golf course in Bedminster, a golf course where members pay a lifetime fee of as much as $300,000.

This 500-grave cemetery, built on land near a golf course he owns in New Jersey would allow members of the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster the option of paying an additional $20,000 a year for prime real estate in the luxurious Trump Cemetery.

As reporter Frank Cerabino of Palm Beach Post wrote, “The prime spots would be in the billionaire’s section. The millionaires would get whatever shade is left, and finally the remaining plots would be reserved for the first wives.”

But with all tongue-in-cheek humor aside, nothing has been fully engraved in marble just yet. In fact, Trump has three proposed locations, two of which are on the golf club property, while a third is on adjacent property owned by Trump. However, before anything can be put into action, Trump will have to go through an arduous process with the town council, who will have the final say as to whether or not construction of a Trump cemetery will can be built.

As of recently, while town council has agreed to a deal which would allow up to 500 graves on site, Trump has been trumped when it comes to building anything on the property he owns adjacent to the golf club.

“If he wants a mausoleum and he wants to do it for himself, and he wants to put that on the golf club proper, I don’t have a problem with that,” former town council member Sally Rubin said. “It’s a large piece of property and he has a lot more flexibility there. But I do not want it on a scenic rural road in our community.”

Once all technical and political endeavours have been dealt with, their could be potential for Trump to expand his entrepreneurial cemetery adventures to his other lucrative golf courses, considering the business mogul does own several golf courses across the country and in other parts of the world.

While this may be peculiar news for most people, it isn’t the first time Trump has attempted to enter the death care industry. In fact, in 2007 he submitted plans to have a 19-foot high stone mausoleum built in the Somerset County Trump National Golf Club near the first hole on one. However, his plans were rejected when council decided that the proposal did not fit with the town’s rural culture.

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