The Infinity Burial Project

by L-Johnson

Jae Rhim Lee demonstrates the Mushroom Death Suit which plays a key part of the Infinity Burial Project.

The goals of the Infinity Burial Project are to promote death acceptance and awareness and to create alternatives for the postmortem body that neutralizes the toxins in human tissue. Our bodies are full of toxins that, upon decomposition, are harmful to the environment. Founded and directed by Jae Rhim Lee, she developed or “trained” a strain of mushroom fungi that actually eats away at our body tissues. Called the Infinity Mushroom, it utilizes the nutrients in the human body to neutralize the toxins our bodies release.

The Infinity Burial Suit a.k.a. The Mushroom Death Suit, is a body suit that is embroidered with thread infused with spores of this mushroom strain. This suit, combined with alternative embalming fluid and “decompiculture” makeup that also contains these mushroom spores, forms an entire system for making sure your body does no environmental harm when it’s in the ground. Right now the suit is in its prototype stage, but upon its availability to the public, will provide an environmentally friendly option for your perfect sendoff.

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