A Tombstone for a Car Lover

by J-Touchette

Steve's friends even added a parking ticket to the monument during the ceremony that took place at the Manor Park Cemetery in London, England.

Steve Marsh died in his sleep at the age of 51 in 2009, and had the nickname BMW Steve because of his love of cars even though he was an engineer at the Ford Motor Company for many years. His family decided to honor his love of the car company by ordering him a very unique tombstone.

Some cemetery owners cringe at the idea of anything that might be considered tacky or gaudy, while others feel these touches make a cemetery more interesting and personalized. The latter was the case when a one ton BMW replica was created for Marsh’s tombstone that was carved out of a single piece of granite. The tombstone cost the family 50,000 Euros complete with a personalized licence plate – “STEVE 1″.

The tombstone, made in China, had to be lifted into place by a crane, with twenty people assisting. For the memorial service, over 50 people were present, and a parking ticket was put under the windshield wiper of the car.

The family believes that Marsh would have appreciated the tribute but some of the residents of the city believe it will only invite vandalism. One man who was against the non-traditional tombstone had to admit that when he walked passed Marsh’s gravesite, the tombstone made him smile.

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