How You Can Help The Living, the Dead and the Living Dead

by L-Johnson

The chapel appears in the background as actors Russell Streiner and Judith O'Dea make their way to a grave at the Evans City Cemetary.

The small Pennsylvania town of Evans City is home to the Evans City Cemetery. This cemetery has been immortalized in George A. Romero’s 1968 classic zombie flick Night of the Living Dead. The cemetery chapel that’s featured in the movie is still standing, but it’s in bad shape. It could use some fixing up, or else it will be torn down.

The plans of the cemetery association to demolish the building are on hold; Gary R. Streiner, member of the movie’s production staff and current resident of Evans City, is organizing a fundraising project to save the chapel. You can go to and purchase posters and prints, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and chapel replicas, with all proceeds going towards the goal of $50,000 needed to save the chapel. You can even own a piece of cinema history; For ten dollars you will receive an artifact of the actual chapel, hand-selected and packaged in a miniature coffin by Gary R. Streiner himself. It comes with a backing card signed by Gary, authenticating the artifact as genuine.

There are also autographed photos on eBay starting at $7.50. If you’re not interested in receiving anything, you can donate using Paypal or your credit card. As of Feb 26th, $21,000 has been raised. Go to and you can help save a landmark of cemetery and movie history.

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