GPS For The Soul: An App for Better Living

by J-Stacknik

Now the question is whether GPS for the Soul, which helps to combat tech-induced imbalance, defeats the point of actual real-life balance?

When asked two years ago to give thought on what would be the next big thing on the internet, Arianna Huffington, publisher of the online news agency Huffington Post, off the top of her head said that she would like to see an app created that would gauge the state of your mind, body, and spirit, then automatically offer the exact steps you would need to take to realign all three aspects of your being.

At the time she was just speaking out loud. However the more she talked about it and got people’s feedback, the more she realized that this could become a reality. Huffington is surrounded by engineers, coders and brilliant, creative people and so she used them to help create the app called “GPS for the Soul”.

The philosophy behind the app is based on two truths. First, that we all have within us a centred place of wisdom, harmony, and balance and second that we’re all going to veer away from that place, again and again and again. Huffington believes that we actually are off course more often than we are on-course. So the “GPS for the Soul” app is a course-correcting mechanism. Otherwise the consequences can be serious when it comes to your health, your relationships, your job.

The Internet and the rise of social media often disconnects us from the real world around us, from our physical surroundings, from our loved ones, and especially from ourselves. There are websites out there that allow you to disconnect from the Internet one of them is called Freedom it allows users to cut off their online access for a specified amounts of time.

Huffington herself found out the consequences of being too connected, after a period of years of over-work and over-connectedness, she passed out. She was injured and after that she felt an urgency around finding ways to disconnect. So eventually her thoughts brought her around to that day where she was asked that question about the next big thing on the internet.

Here’s how the app works: when you tap your phone’s sensor, GPS for the Soul will provide you with several measures of your current stress levels, including your heart rate and heart rate variability. It will then connect you to whatever you need to get to a place of balance. It might be music, or breathing exercises, or photos or a person or place you love – or a combination of all of these.

HuffPost is partnering with a group of top-self innovators to bring “GPS for the Soul” to life. Leading the app’s development is bLife, a mobile developer dedicated to using science to help people lead happier and healthier lives. And HeartMath – a leader in leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve health, well being and consciousness. There is no official date for the release of the app but HuffPost has started featuring stories that reinforce GPS for the Soul’s themes leading up to the launch of the app.

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