Who Says You Can’t Take it With You?

by Z-Berens-Firth

Sandra West was buried in her powder blue Ferrari in San Antonio, California.

Sandra Ilene West lived a luxurious life in Beverly Hills. Many people consider her as a Paris Hilton of the 1970s. Her husband was a successful businessman in the oil business, and, when he passed he left her a generous inheritance. Sandra’s idea of fun was driving fast, and so she bought a couple of Ferraris.

Sandra died in 1977 from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs in her beautiful mansion in Beverly Hills. While she was still very young, at only 37 years old, she had already organized a will and had also made her own sendoff plans. She decided to do something unheard of before. She loved her powder blue 1964 Ferrari 250GT with such passion that she stated that she must be buried in it.
In her sendoff plans she stated that her $2 million fortune would be given to her brother-in-law, Sol West, only if he carried out her wishes. If he did not comply, he would get only $10,000. She wanted, “to be buried in my Ferrari, with the seat slanted at a comfortable angle, in my lace nightgown.”
Her brother complied. $17,000 later (about 55,000 in 2011 dollars) she was put to rest beside her husband Ike in the Almo Masonic Cemetery in San Antonio, California. The car and Ilene were encased in a box measuring 6 by 8 by 17 feet and brought to the grave site on a flatbed truck. A concrete mixing truck was on hand and poured cement over and around the box to prevent anyone from trying to steal it


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