A Final Frontier with Star Trek Themed Funerals

by M-Gillies

A screen shot of Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy, from the original Star Trek Series.

Since its debut in 1966, Star Trek has taken on a prolific life of its own. With television spin-offs, movies, comic books, novelized tie-ins, collectibles and costumes, the world of Star Trek fans, known both interchangeably as Trekkies and Trekkers is one of enormous magnitude.

Their knowledge of the fictional universes’ political hierarchy, alien customs and languages, and the Federation laws are as unmatched as their knowledge of trivial details of episodes and characters. But it doesn’t end there. In fact, while these Trekkers will attend conventions clad in full character outfits, fashion their entire apartment to look like the set of a Star Ship Bridge, and even have a Star Trek themed wedding, the possibilities extend even further for those who plan on boldly going where no Trekker has gone before.

In The Wrath of Khan, Spock’s remains received a memorable sendoff when the crew of the Starship Enterprise gathered together to bid their fellow Vulcan a final goodbye. With a eulogy spearheaded by William Shatners’ Captain James T. Kirk, Spock found his interment in the vast depths of space when his body was jettisoned in a photon torpedo casing with the flag of the Federation draped across it.

For that fleeting moment, the death of Spock became a deviation of the norms in the Star Trek universe. In a world that defined the redshirt stock character – yes, that expandable crew member who conveyed the seriousness of the situation. But with the death of Spock, something inexplicable happened. The realities of death became all the more real in the world of Star Trek.

In the Star Trek universe, Spock’s funeral was the traditional funeral rite practiced for the officers of the Starfleet. While sailors may choose burial at sea to be their final resting place, a Starfleet officer saw their remains sent out into space. Back in the 60s, notably three years before the moon landing in 1969, Star Trek showed the world a future of which we could only dream. Now, after half a century, the cremains of show creator Gene Roddenberry and James Doohan who portrayed Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in the Star Trek franchise have seen the future of space funerals.

However, with the increasing popularity of personalized funerals, it seems the celebration of one’s life after death is beginning to see a change with themed funerals. In particular, coming over the horizon of this change is the Star Trek themed funeral offered by Eternal Image, who not only have cremation caskets for the 23rd Century Starfleet officer, but also a Klingon and Federation of Planet stylized caskets. And it doesn’t end there – on the Star Trek website, they boast how Eternal Image is offering two Star Trek-themed urns, one called To Boldly Go and a second named The Voyage Continues. Each urn features an etched stainless steel face plate and name scroll with an image of the Enterprise printed on anodized aluminium.

As the CEO and President of Eternal Image said in a statement, “Eternal Images’ official Star Trek urn offers fans a unique expression of their love for the franchise. We are especially pleased to be introducing this new memorial product to the public.”

While having a Star Trek-themed urn or casket would be any Trekker’s fantasy come true, one forum blogger addressed the topic of a Star Trek themed funeral by writing, “I know someone who has died. He was a huge Star Trek fan, so the close family have arranged for the funeral to be Star Trek Themed – the mourners are all going to be dressed as characters from Star Trek, the eulogy will be read in Klingon, (and) well give him Klingon burial rites (because Klingons were his favorite species).”

So how would one go about in organizing a Star Trek-themed funeral?

Taking a nod from the 2002 British dark comedy film Undertaking Betty, in which Christopher Walken portrays a progressive funeral director pushing themed funerals in a small, fictional Welsh village, including a scene in which Walken hosts the Star Trek-themed funeral. To have a Star Trek-themed funeral, the following could be included:

Attendees dressed in Starfleet or Star Trek character outfits
A eulogy spoken by a high commanding officer
A eulogy spoken in Klingon
A customized casket or urn bearing Star Trek monikers and
Pall bearers dressed in Starfleet uniforms; and
A soundtrack of Star Trek Theme songs.

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