Relax and Remember a Loved One

by A-Badgero

Relax and remember the legacy left by a loved one with a memorial bench placed in a peaceful setting that can be enjoyed by everyone. Photo by: Leonardo Chamorro

A concern that troubles many people when considering cremation as an option is that unless you use an urn, a piece of jewelry ‚ or other receptacle for the ashes of the deceased, there is really no place to go and visit to reflect on the person’s memory as you would following a traditional burial in a cemetery.

Many of the more modern cemeteries have implemented commemorative walls that feature memorial plaques with information on those who have been cremated there in order to provide a solution for this issue. However these plaques do not solve the issue for those whose ashes have been scattered or buried in remote and private locations.

A cremation bench memorial is a great way to create a spot for remembrance when a loved one has been cremated and their ashes scattered.  There are several different types of memorial benches to choose from all with their own benefits and purpose.

Benches can be combined with a headstone ‚ that typically serves as one of the supporting legs of the bench. The leg can also be converted into a cremation chamber where the loved one’s remains can be placed. Flat benches have a large seating area with legs that are hollow and made wide and deep to allow for the placement of cremains. Some benches are manufactured with room in each leg to hold urns containing ashes of family members who wish their ashes to be buried together.

The type of bench you prefer is completely dependent upon what you wish to do with the ashes. One family tells the story of scattering the ashes of their father. The family went to a special park that permits cremation ceremonies in order to scatter the ashes but they later found that they wished they had a place to go visit him, a place that was his. To solve this problem they had a bench erected in the spot he was scattered with a memorial plaque that stated his name and the dates of his birth and death.

Traditionally a bench is a place where we can relax, maybe read a paper in a park or rest while waiting for a bus. Now with these memorial benches popping up in cemeteries all over the world, a bench has become more than just a place to sit. A bench can now be a sacred place, a place for peaceful reflection on the memories of a loved one lost.

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