The Lady in Gray

by K-Dean

The Lady in Gray has been wandering through a Confederate cemetery searching for her lost love.

The Lady in Gray is a ghost and sad widow of the war, who wanders the Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery in search of her long lost love.

Located in Columbus, Ohio, Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery was originally used as a Civil War-training post for Union soldiers. Towards the end of the Civil War, Camp Chase became a holding cell for captured Confederate soldiers, who were kept in the Camp prison. Over 2,200 Confederate soldiers died at Camp Chase over the course of the War. The camp was horribly overcrowded, there were not enough supplies or rations to go around. In one year, approximately 500 men died of smallpox.

The separation of states made it almost impossible, for soldiers to be returned home for burial. They were buried on site, with a simple wooden cross to remark who was buried where. As years passed the crosses deteriorated making it difficult to find out where someone was buried.

The legend of the Lady in Gray goes back as far as the Civil War, when visitors to Camp Chase saw the woman walking through the cemetery, trying to read the carved names on the grave markers. The Lady in Gray is described as fairly young, in her late teens or early twenties, dressed entirely in gray, and carrying a clean white handkerchief.

In 1895, a veteran of the Civil War, William Knauss restored the cemetery, and raised enough money to replace the wooden markers with real headstones. The Lady in Grey had disappeared for almost 40 years, and made a comeback shortly after the cemetery was restored. Whenever someone would come across the Lady in Gray she would always run away with her head down and face hidden.

Visitors and staff of the cemetery noticed fresh cut flowers would always appear on the gravestone of a Confederate soldier Benjamin Allen.

No one knows if the flowers and the Lady in Gray are linked in any way, but many people have witnessed the Lady in Gray crying at Allen’s gravesite.

Story has it, that the Lady in Gray was Louisiana Briggs and she was engaged to Benjamin Allen. She had pleaded with him not to enlist in the Confederate military, but he did anyway. She traveled to Ohio to see his final resting place when she heard of his death and spent the rest of her life mourning her true love.

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