Preserving Beauty for Eternity

by A-Badgero

"To wear the most fabulous make-up applied by a professionally trained make-up artist for your final journey is the ultimate statement of celebration." according to Illamasqua. The company also provides pre-coffin make-up applications.

A huge concern with most people is how they look, we are constantly putting forth efforts to look our best on a daily basis. Appearance is about self-expression, the clothes you wear and the way you present yourself is all part of how you see yourself and how you wish to be seen, it’s a way of expressing one’s self.  How we look also has a lot to do with impressions, we often assess our opinions of people in the first 10 seconds of meeting them and appearance is a big factor in the distinguishing of one’s character.  First impressions are everything… right?

Well the U.K. Beauty Brand Illamasqua wants to ensure you leave a beautiful last impression on your last day on Earth.  This cult status makeup brand has teamed up with Levertson & Sons Ltd. funeral home to launch “The final act of self-expression” campaign; starting a new custom where  looking good in death is held at almost the same level of importance as how you look in life.

Professional Illamasqua makeup artists will be at the dead’s disposal upon request applying their line of products in the style previously determined by the deceased. Now as part of your pre-planning process with the funeral home you can pre-book your after-life makeup session. So while you are choosing what type of flowers and casket/urn you would like you can also put yourself down for some smokey eyes and pouty red lips.

Usually when a person is being made-up for their funeral the family will supply a photo from which the funeral director works. The beauty of Illamasqua’s campaign is that you are choosing the way you will look and your final look will not be subject to old pictures containing old styles you haven’t sported in years. We want to be remembered as we were. With this service you can rest easy that you will look your best when your loved ones come to say goodbye.

The makeup artists did have to do some training with the Levertson & Sons’s embalmers to learn how to not only work with the deceased but how to apply makeup to cold skin as opposed to warm. The ad promoting the campaign features a beautiful woman lying in a coffin in the standard arms crossed at chest position with her face embellished in very bold colors that seem to be somewhat of a throw back to Egyptian death masks.  This picture encourages inspiration giving the impression that the possibilities of your final act of self expression are endless, you can go as elaborate or simplistic as you wish, it’s all about you after all.

The traditional funeral no longer satisfies many people’s appetite for personalization, although in the past several years there have been many improvements made within the industry to accommodate this new trend.

There will most likely be more unusual collaborations such as this one in the future as more funeral homes continue to look for creative alternatives and solutions that will comply with the new preferences of their customers.

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