Even Death Couldn’t Stop One Man From Making a Difference in People’s Lives

by M-Gillies

Even the store, Computers Plus Repair, where Aaron worked is contributing to his legacy. They are donating 10% of the store proceeds to Lighthouse Ministries and World Vision until the end of August.

There’s a saying that goes, “Actions speak louder than words”; there’s also another saying that says, “You can tell the worth of a person not by what they own, but by the generosity they bestow onto others”. This is even more the case with a Kentucky man whose last wishes after death were to bestow generosity on some unsuspecting people.

Aaron Collins had just turned 30, but three weeks after his June 15, 2012 birthday, he passed away. His death wasn’t one that would prevent him from doing what he did best, spreading great joy with unexpected kindness. When his family received his will, his brother Seth said it was one “full of his personality.”

“He asked that any debt he owed his parents be repaid, should he have money in the bank at his death,” Seth wrote in a July 9th post on a tribute website dedicated to Aaron. “But also had the following request, Third, leave an awesome tip – and I don’t mean 25%, I mean $500 on a f***ing pizza) for a waiter or waitress.”

That was Aaron, a man, who took great joy in unexpected kindness. It didn’t matter if his waitress was rude or the service was terrible. He was the kind of person who once tipped a waitress $50 after receiving lousy service, but Aaron, never a vindictive man, felt that leaving an exceptional tip and making someone smile was what was important.

Of course, as a man whose heart is bigger than his wallet, meant while he never had much, he didn’t leave much either. But his family was determined to make his final wish come true. Shortly after, Aaron’s family posted a website, http://aaroncollins.org/, to help them raise enough money to make their first gift. It was a moment which they would soon capture in the emotional touching and heartfelt video that they would post on YouTube.

During the clip, Aaron’s family attends a Lexington restaurant called Puccini’s Smiling Teeth, and they present an unsuspecting young waitress with $500 in cash as she comes to the table.

“My brother passed away late last week and this was his last wish,” Seth explained to the young woman as she stood in disbelief. “He didn’t have the money to take care of himself, so we took donations. He asked that we go have pizza and leave the waiter or waitress a $500 tip.”

With eyes filling with tears, the waitress begins fanning herself, while continuously asking in stunned disbelief, “Are you serious? Are you kidding me?”

After being assured that they were serious, the teary-eyed waitress wraps her arms around Seth, embracing him with a hug before saying, “I’m going to be telling this story for the rest of my life.”

Aaron’s family shared the video on his tribute website and asked for more donations in his memory, with the intention of continuing to change the lives of unsuspecting waiters and waitresses with $500 chunks, the way Aaron would have wanted.

At this time, they have raised over $10,000 in one day, “Enough money to change the lives of 23 more people, $500 at a time.”

The family asks for donations to help them continue carrying on Aaron’s wishes, but if you can’t donate, they ask that you give a generous tip of your own, because Aaron always believed that such a random gift of kindness will no doubt leave an impact on someone.

Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP-TOI1mO0A&feature=player_embedded

To donate and help Aaron continue his legacy of unexpected kindness, please visit: http://aaroncollins.org/




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