Highest Cemetery in the World

by K-Berens

One of the most famous disappearances on Mount Everest was that of George Mallory and his climbing partner Andrew Irving. The two went missing during a climb in 1924. Mallory's body was found by searchers in 1999. Whether he reached the summit is still unknown.

Although there’s no official listing for the highest cemetery in the world, there are many cemeteries that boast high elevation and some people may see a higher elevation as an advantage when picking out a proper cemetery. However, being too high up can be quite a disadvantage especially when it comes to Mount Everest.

Even though they must have a terrific view, an estimated 200 people are lying dead on Mount Everest, roughly working out to about 10% of people who have conquered the slope successfully. Most of the bodies are around Everest’s “death zone”, classified as 8,000 meters upwards, where there is little oxygen which is needed to survive. Recovering the bodies puts many risks on climbers so many of them are left on the mountain forever, right now that number is estimated at 120. These deaths stem from the lack of oxygen on the mountain since most people begin breathing at a rapid pace, which leads to the total exhaustion of energy. Edema or an accumulation of fluid in the lungs and on the brain leads to death.

Apa Sherpa, currently the holder for the record of the most successful climbs (21), now plans to climb the mountain to pick up garbage other climbers have left behind. He will also try to find a way to bring the deceased climbers down the mountain.

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