I Leave Everything to… My Pet

by M-Rebeiro
Group of pets - Dog,cat, bird, reptile, rabbit -  in front of a white background

Though you technically can’t leave money to your pet in a will you can set up a trust fund for their care.

With family pets increasingly being treated as members of the family, some people have had the idea to leave their pets a little something in their wills. It could be something simple, like setting aside costs so they could continue living in comfort or a ridiculous extravagance, like in the will of Leona Helmsley. The billionaire hotel tycoon left $12 million for her dog, Trouble, which is more than she left any of her grandchildren.

Pet provisions in wills aren’t very common but, according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, they are on the rise. While it is not technically a legally valid process to leave money to pets, which are considered property, setting up a trust for them is possible. It must be adequately discussed with a lawyer prior to death so that any other potential heirs cannot challenge your mental stability when writing the will.

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