Man’s Final Wish to have Womanless Library

by M-Gillies

All the experts today say that women read more than men. In fact 50% of women but only 26% of men will complete a book.

In an act of generous misogynistic philanthropy after his death in 1930, the details of Iowa lawyer T. M. Zink’s will were made public, stipulating that his $100,000 estate be placed in a trust for 75 years so as to accumulate principal.

The true act of his donation came in the form of his wishes for the money to be spent on establishing the Zink Womanless Library. Even still, it was his desire that the library’s shelves and walls tolerate no authors of the female gender, as well as containing no decor “sullied by the dreaded gender”. Furthermore, the entrance of the library would declare: No Women Admitted.

“My intense hatred of women is not of recent origin or development based upon any personal differences I ever had with them,” he explained. “But is the result of my experiences with women, observations of them and study of all literatures and philosophical works.”

However, to prove further that his final wishes were based on no personal differences with the opposite sex, Zink left his daughter the entire sum of $5.

In an attempt to challenge his legacy, Zink’s family brought the will in front of the courts and had it overruled.

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