Memorialized Like a King

by L-Johnson

The Cheops urn pyramid can be adapted in a variety of sizes that enhance any cemetery.

Pyramids as funerary monuments have a millennia-old tradition, dating back ancient Mesopotamia, the Aztecs and Mayans in Central America, and Stupas in Southern Asia. The most famous are the gigantic pyramid tombs of ancient Egypt that were built for the Pharaohs.

If you have ever looked at the pyramids in amazement and wished that you could be buried in such a tomb, now you can say thanks to a German company named Cheops. The company has created an Urn Pyramid which contains about 100 chambers depending on the size of the pyramid to hold the cremated remains of the deceased.

Families and partners can be held in the same chamber, as each chamber can hold up to four urns. The front of the chamber, facing the outside, has a copper-plated door marked with the name and dates of the deceased. The pyramids are a very elegant way to memorialize the deceased, as well as cost efficient compared to traditional burial – the company charges 1000 euros which is less than 1400 US dollars, plus an annual charge of 100 euros.

With burial space on the decline, the Cheops Kolumbarien (Urn pyramid) is efficiently space-saving as it can potentially hold the remains of about 400 people, taking up only about 12 square feet. The Kolumbarien is a beautiful and modern solution for the deceased, as long as they don’t mind having close neighbors.

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