Dreadful Fates What A Shocking Way To Go

by A-Badgero

Authors Tracey Turner and Sally Kindberg have written a book about death that gets funnier with every turn of the page.

Death tends to be a some what taboo subject for most, having to face their mortality makes people a bit uneasy. Despite this discomfort death is something that will happen to everyone and avoiding discussions around the subject will not prolong your time in the living. One way to make a difficult subject such as death easier to digest is with the power of humor. Everyone enjoys a good laugh and it’s pure human nature to find interest in the curious and eccentric. Even when we find something completely grotesque we often still have trouble looking away due to our pure interest.

Dreadful Fates What a Shocking Way to Go is a darkly funny compilation of nonfiction stories about bizarres and completely unexpected fates.  It’s a guided tour through history’s most interesting deaths. Some of the details can get a little gruesome at times however even the weak-stomached would have a hard time surpassing these captivating accounts.

The introduction encourages readers not to fret too much about their impending doom but to look on the bright side because perhaps your demise will be hilarious. Maybe you will be fortunate enough to go out in a way so strange, so peculiar that they will talk about it for years to come.

The great thing about this book is it is actually a great collection of historical events. Although the stories are short, many even in bullet form making it a quick read, they are tales of past cultures and the old ways of life, depicting an array of historical figures and their often fascinating ends. The stories are so interesting that frequently after reading them you find yourself wanting to learn more about the person to whom the events happened.

The stories are broken up into chapters with each focusing on a specific death category. The first chapter, Squashed, Bashed, Speared and Tripped is filled unusual accounts that all resulted in death. Everything from dying from a turtle dropping on a head to being crushed by a falling monk is discussed. Dying of Laughter is a pretty self explanatory name for this short chapter with stories proving that a good chuckle is not always that good. Bits and Pieces provides information on famous people’s body parts, where they ended up after they died and the excursion the parts went through to get there. Other chapters depicting deaths include Fatal Foods, Animal Encounters, Died in Action, Ironic Fates and Fatal Mistakes. There are also chapters that offer information on the different customs and memorable tributes such as in the chapters Last Words and Epitaphs, Unusual Funeral Customs and Curious Coffins.

Many of the circumstances of these deaths start off as quite innocent such as in the case of a man who died while taking a stroll and being struck by a turnip thrown from a passing car.  In the chapter Fatal Mistakes a lawyer tries to prove the strength of the new windows just installed in the skyscraper offices by pushing on them.  When the window gave way and fell out he lost his balance and fell with it.

Many of these accounts are from before the 20th century meaning that in today’s day and age these deaths could of been preventable, such as Jack Daniel’s end which was brought on by blood poisoning that was caused by an infection that settled into his toe after kicking his safe.  After reading this book you will not only feel lucky to be alive you will also be glad you grew up in a time with emergency medical care that will help you survive these dreadful fates.

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