Sending Telegrams to Heaven

by A-Badgero

Would you pay to send a telegram to someone in the afterlife?

There are many people who strongly believe that their loved ones are trying to communicate with them after they have died. Spooky coincidences such as pictures falling off the wall or a song that reminds you of them suddenly playing on the radio at the exact moment you are thinking of them are just a couple forms of this perceived communication. These types of thoughts are comforting to the grieving because it gives them hope that their loved one is not only okay but that they are watching over them from the other side. So popular is this belief that there are even occupations that exist solely for the purpose of helping people to relay and decipher the messages being sent out from the other side by deceased loved ones.

Receiving a message from someone who has died would, most likely, alleviate some of the pain, however, what if you had something you wanted to say to them? Perhaps you had one last pressing thing you wanted your loved one to know but time wouldn’t allow it. You maybe feeling somewhat guilty or unfulfilled for not saying that one last thing. Some may even feel somehow responsible for the death and feel the pressing need to apologize and tell the deceased they feel responsible.  They may go on through life with a feeling of discontentment and frustration due to this self blaming. Another reason for contacting the deceased may be that you want to inform them of new events that happened since their passing, a new birth in a family, a wedding etc.

Afterlife Telegrams based in New Athens, Illinois offers a service that will give your message to a terminally ill volunteer who will then make it their duty to memorize the message and to deliver it to the addressee once they reach the other side. For the price of $5 per word your message to your loved one will be given to a messenger to memorize for their journey to the afterlife where they will relay the message.

Obviously there is no possible way to guarantee or prove that the message you paid for has been in fact delivered however Afterlife Telegrams can guarantee the following:

  • The messenger will have the telegram memorized before passing on.  They are quizzed periodically to ensure they have not forgotten the letter.
  • The messenger has made a promise to do whatever they can to make sure the message is delivered to the addressee after passing.
  • Once the messenger passes, the sender will be contacted and informed that their message is “on its way”.
  • In the case of a messenger being fortunate enough to survive a year past the day they received the telegram the fee will be refunded with the understanding that the messenger will still attempt delivery when the time comes free of charge.

Afterlife Telegrams does not claim to know what happens once you die. Because what happens in the after life or wether there even is an afterlife is still a huge mystery to the living the company warns that they can’t guarantee that your loved one doesn’t already know the information you are sending them.  We don’t know if the dead have the ability to watch over us once they are gone or if perhaps they can even hear out thoughts when we think of them.

In order to send a telegram to the dead you must be 18 or older, be of full mental health and not be in the process of grieving for someone who passed within the past month. The use of the money paid for this service is completely up to the messenger.  They can leave it to a surviving family member, donate it to a charity of their choice or use it to pay off medical bills.

Not only does this service provide comfort for the sender but it also gives the terminally ill a purpose, something to strive towards and think about while they face their own mortality. Instead of waiting for death with nothing but worry and possible regrets on their mind they can think about how they are going to help someone connect with those they loved.

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