Frosty Relationship may mean the Frozen Dead Guy’s Moving

by MSO

A Denver radio station and the local Tuff Sheds supplier collaborated to erect a new shed to house Bredo called the Tuff Shed Cryogenic Mausoleum.

Bredo Morstoel has been dead since 1989 and at the request of his grandson Trygve Bauge, has been kept frozen in a shed in Nederland, Colorado. Bredo left no provision in his will requesting cryonic preservation, this was his grandson’s decision. Trygve has been interested in cryonics from a young age. Trygve brought his grandfather to the United States from Norway packed in dry ice where he was originally kept at the Trans Time cryonics facility in California until 1993.

Trygve and his mother Aud moved to Nederland with the hopes of opening their own cryonics facility there. Trygve was eventually deported for not adhering to the terms of his visitor’s visa and his mother was soon evicted from her home for violating various town ordinances. Up until then no one knew that Bredo was cryogenically preserved in a shed on the property.

Aud told a reporter about the frozen body and the story went as viral as it could back in 1994. Nederland council hurriedly changed their municipal laws forbidding future cryogenic mishaps but they grandfathered the law so that Bredo could remain frozen. Trygve, now back home in Norway, hired a local environmental company to keep Bredo on ice.

Bo Shaffer is the CEO of the environmental company and has been in charge of keeping Bredo frozen by packing dry ice around the steel sarcophagus since 1995. For the past couple of years Bo has been trying to increase the price for his services, due to the increase in dry ice prices, which has been met with refusal by Trygve. Trygve says the disagreement lies with communication problems but he also claims that Bo has not been adding enough dry ice to the shed. He is now looking for a way to determine the ice levels in the shed.

With the notoriety gained from the story, the town of Nederland decided to capitalize on the publicity and since 2002 have been holding “Frozen Dead Guy Days” on the first weekend every March. Polar plunges, snowshoe races and “Frozen Dead Guy” ice cream go mitten in mitten with a tour of the shed where Bredo lies waiting for science to bring him back to life.

In the meantime Trygve is looking at placing his grandfather in a cryonics facility in Michigan as soon as he can save up the money. Bo said he is willing to take care of Bredo until he is moved and hopes the town of Nederland will continue to host the festival with or without the frozen dead guy. Bredo still rests in anticipation of his cryonic reawakening.

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