The iPod of Urns

by A-Badgero

These urns, created by Capsule Urn have won an International Design Excellence Award.

Cremation is not in any way a new concept, it is difficult to trace back the exact date of the first cremation however the fact that it was the most popular method of body disposal in Greece in 800 BC tells us it had been around for a while. Of course the practice became more refined over the years with the earliest cremations being done on open fires making it near impossible to save the cremains let alone separate them from regular ash.

The tradition of keeping a loved one’s cremains in a receptacle of some sort has been widely practised since before the time of the Roman Empire when cremated remains were stored in elaborate urns within columbarium type structures. There has even been evidence of decorative pottery urns from the stone age being discovered in western Russia.

Now that cremation is a common practise around the world  the variety of proper containers is near endless.

Choosing an appropriate representation for a deceased loved one is a difficult process. There are organizations such as  that connect artists with consumers in order to ensure an entirely unorthodox customized and personal piece; many popular designs have the appearance of everyday objects such as rocks, sea shells and even pillows. Even with the variety of cremation urns available it seems as though there is a lack of modern solutions to this tradition for an ever growing contemporary population.

The International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) is an award program held each year by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) that is dedicated to awarding designers and corporations in the fields of innovation, responsibility, benefit to user, design research and strategy, and appropriate appeal and appropriate aesthetics.  Each year thousands of entries are submitted by designers and corporations hoping they get recognized in their respective category.

Creative directors of Capsule Urn, Joyce Chua and Steve Prastka were very proud to accept the 2012 IDEA Bronze award in the personal accessories category “We are honored to be recognized by the IDSA and design community” said Joyce “ Capsule is proud to offer contemporary, American-made memorials that resonate with today’s discerning customer around the world”  Capsule urn was also the recipient for the Silver award in the 2011 West Coast design competition in the “design for everyday” category.

With their sleek minimalistic design Capsule Urns have the appearance of a new Apple product more than a keepsake meant to hold cremains, it is understandable why it has been deemed by many journalist as “ The ipod of funeral home products.” Capsule Urns are available through funeral homes or you can order them directly from the online store and they are equipped with a personalization design team to accommodate any special requests customers may have.  You are able to choose from a variety of finishes, color combinations, engraving, and even different materials. To accommodate those who wish to disperse their loved one’s ashes amongst their family members Capsule Urn has a selection of smaller sized keepsake urns at a much lower cost than the regular sized urns so everyone can choose their own design for their loved one.

As we have been told since childhood, everybody is different and with that in mind can there ever really be enough options for personalizing one’s end of life sendoff?  With the avant-garde style of these urns Capsule Urn has set a new standard for innovation in the funeral products field.

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