Is Your Fate in Your Hands?

by T-Knox

Palmistry can be found in different cultures all over the world but is believed to have originated in India thousands of years ago.

Palmistry is believed to foretell one’s future, from riches to ruins, family life, personal accomplishments and even one’s fate. This practice is found the world over and is alive in different religions and cultures. Take a look at the lines and creases on your hands, each can possibly tell a anecdote or a chapter of your life. A palmist or palm reader can identity each marking on your hand giving you insight to the future that awaits you.

The fate line runs down the middle of your hand, near the wrist and up towards the middle finger. This line is said to contain what a person’s life has in store for them and is also known as their life path. The fate line is believed to mirror circumstances that are out of the person’s control. You may know ahead of time what fortune you will have, or even the nature of your death, but according to palmists there is no way to change your destiny. On the contrary other palmists say otherwise, that your destiny depends on the life choices you make.

When it comes to palm reading the palmist needs to take extra care since most of the person’s livelihood can be read from that single fate line. The contrivance of their life rides on the chiromancy of their hand. Chiromancy is the definition and shape of the hand, the skin color, palm and mounts.

The life line gives insight into one’s well being and is in turn said to be controversial. This line makes an arc from the edge of the thumb towards the wrist. This very line tells the person’s physical health, well being, vitality and vigour. The line also tells if one may have physical injuries, relocations, amid other major life changes. However, although the name of this line implies otherwise, modern day palmists defer saying it but the lifeline is not tied to the length of one’s life, for it only suggests what obstacles they may come up against.

There has been debate over which hand should be read from. Often enough the left hand has been said to show the past, and the right hand the future. In this likeness, the left hand tells what we were born with, whereas the right hand says what we make of the cards we are dealt. The right side of the brain is responsible for pattern recognition and the understanding of relationships and controls the left hand. This is a reflection of the person’s inner and natural self, and can be contrived to be the person’s spirit and personality. On the other hand, the right hand is controlled by the left side of the brain. Logic, reason and language are piloted by this side that influences one’s outer self. Their objective self, education, experiences and how we socialize. Depending if we are a right or left brained thinker can in the latter influence our lives and even death.

From ancient Hindu writings palm reading was described as a blueprint to an individual. The hands were an outlook into one’s relationships and self. This stemmed and thread of thought that the web of lines on our palms are an immediate result of how we think and interact with others. In the early twentieth century an obscure character, William John Warner who became known as “Cheiro” derived from the study of cheiromancy used palm reading and astrology to make incredible predictions. These predictions were nonetheless very accurate. He went on to predict milestones in the lives of many famous people, like Marilyn Monroe and his own death as well.

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